Seminars & Workshop


Presenter: Dr. Chinh Nguyen-Huy, Technical Application Specialist at Dolomite

Time: 23rd July (Thursday)14:00-15:30 

Location: 702 - A5 building, Phenikaa University, Yen Nghia, Ha Dong, Hanoi


Microfluidic technology enables the production of monodisperse particles, droplets, bubbles, foams and emulsions with precise control of ingredients and sizes. This free workshop will focus on controllable and reproducible production of monodisperse micro & nano particles for the encapsulation and delivery of drugs, API and biological materials. We will demonstrate how we can produce these particles, achieve efficient loading and easily control particle sizes and shapes via microfluidic continuous flow.

2. Vietnam round-table boosts momentum for collaboration on plastic and solid waste management 

A 10 July round-table discussion in Hanoi brought together a group of local leaders representing government ministries, business associations, international and regional organizations, and academia to discover and debate opportunities to advance waste management in Vietnam through collaboration—laying a strong foundation for the build out of the forthcoming Vietnam National Plastic Action Partnership 

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